Unknown threats

I have to go to the store tomorrow, (which will be later on today when you read this) and all while thinking about it, I thought about the virus. I didn't become crippled by fear but I was thinking how going to the store will be different now. Even different in my mind. We now have to wear gloves and cover our mouths when shopping. It's been advised to have a plan - know what you're getting in the store and no picking up and putting items back on the shelves.

This reason for this is because the virus can last up to seven days on the service and many aren't aware if they've been infected. The stores are running out of food and other necessities. Just as fast as their shipment comes in, it quickly runs out. Many, like my sister have been ordering their groceries online, and even that has delays. I tried to schedule a Pick-Up time from the Walmart I always frequent for my grocery pickup, but they didn't have any slots open for Saturday or Sunday. I tried a different location - same thing. My sister has been ordering online once a week and even online, many items are Out of Stock! A limit has been put on items like tissue and hand soap, one per family. That's to help take back control for all the thoughtless people that racked up on bathroom tissue and hand sanitizer and hand soap.

I was thinking, and I know this was God dropping it into my spirit, we have no idea how many times we've been "in danger" but God protected us. How many times have we walked out the door but the enemy had other plans for us? How many of us have been in car accidents that we shouldn't have walked away from? How many times did someone plan to do harm to us without us being aware but God interceded? The thing with this virus is that we now know about it and how it forms, how it attacks our body and the lasting effect it has on our system overall....it's scary. Our everyday habits, things we take for granted have been compromised in a way that's forced us to think and become more intentional. To be more grateful. To think about others more than we think of ourselves. To remember other countries that have very little and are forced to live in desolate conditions. This epidemic is causing us to trust God like never before. Some of us have stopped trusting Him and have only been trusting in ourselves and putting all of our hope in man or things. He's calling us back to Him, to remember Him as our first love. God is hurting and He's showing us that in more ways than one.

Since this virus has been claiming lives and spreading so fast, those who have tested positive are forced to be quarantined, and most states and countries have enforced a Stay Home Order. Many are placing their livelihood at risk by being in the frontline of this undetectable battle! This quarantine is scheduled until the middle of the month of April. But who knows, that date can get pushed back even further! My friend who lives in Virginia, her son's school has been cancelled til September! She mentioned how they went from two days out, to a month out, and this past Monday, March 23rd, turned into indefinitely! When the severity of this outbreak hit the News, I was told the schools in my county were going to be closed until April 3rd, and then I heard April 15th. We are in this together and we should pull together and do our part as a community to protect one another.

God has reminded me that regardless if there's an epidemic or not, our fate is always in the Lord's hands. The world has been giving a huge awakening. It's our duty to love our neighbors as ourselves.

"'This is the second: YOU SHALL [unselfishly] LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.' There is no other commandment greater than these." ~Mark 12:30-31 AMP

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