God turned it!!

I didn't think this day would ever come, nor, as quickly as it happened. I say quickly because it was my realization, after I took my hands off the situation, got out the way and fully submitted it to the Lord, He turned it around! He turned it around when I wasn't thinking about it. He turned it around when I lost hope. He turned it around when I took my eyes off the person involved and put them back on the ONE who can do the Impossible!!

My son and his father have a real bond now. My son knows his father. My son greets his father with a smile and excitedly jumps up and down when he comes thru the door. God did in seven months what I failed to accomplish in three years. Wow!! AMAZING!! There are times we think we're helping God, but on the contrary, we're essentially hindering the move of God. Our hands are covering His hands. We put limits on God, which means putting Him back in a box, like many of us often do! If we trust God like we say, we have to show Him in our actions. The difficult part that I (and I'm sure others) struggle with is NOT picking back up what was released on the altar!

I know God will always be my son's first Father, but I'm thankful and grateful for his earthly father being an active part of his life! Nobody BUT GOD!!!

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