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Happy May 1st

Happy Friday Followers!! Today is the first day of May which is also the month we celebrate Mother's Day!!

I'm so glad you decided to visit my little side of the world. Today, I'm blogging about something different. Something I've purposely tried to shy away from. This blog post will be about my health & wellness business that I started over three years ago. And yes, it's an MLM - Multi-level marketing. *MY ONLY DISCLAIMER!!!*

I purposely shied away from blogging about my wellness business because....well, I wanted my posts to be centered around a particular audience. If I can be truthful with you all, I was afraid that would cause people to lose interest in my blog. How silly of me because people can lose interest in my blog as soon as they read what it's about. I have to stop being easily offended when it comes to people who criticize work from home jobs, or shall I say, those who hate the multilevel marketing industry! I purposely chose that link because it talks about what most people think an MLM is - a pyramid scheme! I'd heard of this industry before but really had NO CLUE what it involved. The longer I'm in this industry, the more I learn and see there are still many people who are ignorant about it. That topic is for another post. This post I'm sharing with you today is why I've chosen this path, what it's done for me and others and what it can possibly do for you, if you choose this path for yourself, your family and your future.

If you don't follow me on Instagram, if we're not friends on Facebook, if you don't see my Snaps, (I don't use Tik Tok), then you may not be aware that I work from home, from my phone, from anywhere! You may not know I am a single mother to the happiest boy in the world! You may not know my strong passion for writing...well, my blog obviously expresses that fact. I worked for the Children's Hospital in my city for almost nine years. I loved it there! It was definitely part of my spiritual growth training. God gave me favor with man in my departments. He promoted me back-to-back within two years. I thought I'd make my 10 year mark but God had other things in mind because there was going to be a major change in my life.

In early February of 2016, I returned to my fairly new full time job after my maternity leave ended. I was never the same. Although I handled my first day at work without being home with my son OK, there was a shift in my mentality. There was this desire in my heart that I couldn't shake because all I wanted to do was work from home and raise my son. I changed my hours at work twice, going as far as down to a part-time worker. I thought that was the solution to what was going on inside of me. I thought the feeling would leave. It didn't. I still wasn't happy at work. Not only did my demeanor change, but there was a decline in my work performance too. I didn't want to be there and when I was there, I hardly worked, Around this time, it was between the months of May-July, my Grandma's health slowly started to decline. My Grandma raised me and I lived with her most of my life. We experienced some straining seasons in our relationship in the past. I was an adult and wanted to be treated like one. Except for one thing: I was still living in her house.

Looking back, I realize I endured those seasons for a reason. I don't like to think about that time because I hated our relationship ever got to that point. But praise God! Before my Grandma's state of mind deteriorated, I made peace with her and asked for her forgiveness for how I treated her and and my behavior from years past. I knew I would have so much guilt if she left this earth without me telling her that. During one of her last stays in the hospital of January 2017, I was blessed to have that conversation with her. I pray I never forget hearing her say: "Baby, that's life! That's life! You did what you wanted to do. You said you was going to do this and you did it. Just thank God all of that is over with now. I just hope when I get home, I can be a good mom."

My son and my Grandma were both part of my WHY. Something much bigger than myself. I was over being reprimanded for choosing to be a mother first by staying home with my son when he was sick. I was over having to call in because nobody else was able to watch him. It just didn't make sense to me to take an already sick child outside to someone else's house just so I could go to work. I'm not knocking that at all because as mothers, we do what we need to but after my son was diagnosed with his second double-ear infection, I WAS DONE! On December 15th, 2016, I emailed my letter of resignation to my manager. Talk about feeling free...I have never looked back from that day!! This road hasn't always been easy. Quite the contrary; the same big faith that was in me to step out and trust God is the same big faith and more that's required for Him to keep me! I never tell anyone to quit their job. My story was already in the making but if you would like to do what I do full time, you definitely can! If you only need 'fun' money: hair, nails, dinner dates, this is for you! If you want to pay off your car note, student loans, this opportunity is for you too! If you love your corporate job (that's great) but just need a Savings, or an Emergency fund or something that will help you start funding your dreams, this is perfect for you too!

On February 1st of 2017, I remember my Grandma asking me had I been getting any sleep. I told her I hadn't yet because the baby (my son) just woke up and I gave him some milk. She told me to try and get some sleep even if he isn't. She said to just lay down. She also asked me if he were in school and I told her I'd taken him out of daycare. She asked me why and I said so I could be home with him and her. She asked me how was I making a living and I told her I worked from home now. My Grandma: Oh, they let you work from home? That's so nice. How did you pull that off? Me: God did it! My Grandma: God can turn around anything! My Grandma was more than alright with me! I hate that she never got to know about my business and see how far I'v come...

My Grandma passed away at home on March 11th, 2017. She was truly at peace with a smile on her face. I miss her dearly and never thought I'd be living my life without her in it.

When I said yes to this opportunity I had no clue what I'd be doing and even today, I'm still learning and asking questions. I'm still growing as a leader. You don't need to be a salesperson! I don't want you to have a sales personality. That's NOT who I want to partner with. You don't need to have a huge following. You don't need your family or friend's support! Don't get me wrong, it's nice and it's helpful, but it's NOT needed for you to be successful and reach your goals with this business. I want you to be you, a person that will allow me to mentor them. A person that's willing to start from the beginning like we all did and wants to make an impact and while making an income at the same time! A person that has a strong WHY and a vision! A person with a strong work ethic and discipline! If you are open and coachable, this is for you! We can only fail if we don't try and if we give up too easily. I challenge you to reach out to me and ask your questions before you make assumptions or any judgements. This industry ins't for everyone and that's OK but it is for many people that want more and for those looking for another stream of income.

I love what I do and I"m thankful to God for bringing this opportunity into my life. I have grown so much! Not only in my faith but I've learned a lot about myself. My thinking has shifted. We don't know what we don't know but there's a quote that says:

"It's hard to hear an opportunity knocking if you're knocking an opportunity"


I had no clue this post was going to turn into what it is but I thank God for it. I'm glad on how I'm learning to give myself more and more while still holding myself accountable to my goals. This post needed to be delayed because something I order from Shutterfly a week ago arrived today!!

We never know when we'll need an opportunity like this. I"m just so thankful it was presented to me and even more thankful that I walked through the door!

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